Just a little history about the Family  and Animals here at Chateau Farms.After owning a stable in NYC over 50 yrs, Gloria McGill, her Daughter Anita and Son in Law Alex decided to leave the hustle bustle behind the city life and live on the Family Farm in East Earl PA.We had a very successful  business servicing pony parties in NYC at our stable, and walk up rides  .Our ponies were the only ponies and Donkey[Diego] on the island of Manhattan.In 2017 we moved  with our animals, best decision we ever made ! Now we are thrilled to offer our pony party service and walk up pony rides here in PA.In 2019 we added  more ponies to our crew and happy to say all these ponies are rescues that we ourselves bought at a local auction.We posted pictures to show how these ponies went from a uncertain fate to a life of love and luxury.These ponies will be loved and appreciated for the rest of their lives ,and we all thank you for considering inviting us to your next party or event.

Millie, June 2019
Millie Nov 2019
Buddy June 2019
Buddy Sept 2019
Ace June 2019
Ace August 2019

Stella Sept 2019

Stella December 2019

Buttons Oct 2019

Buttons December 2019

Charley Sept 2019
Charley Dec 2019