Buttons,is sure cute as a button,  that's how he got his name.Buttons  has a spirited proud way of moving and prances on his ride, guess he loves to show off since he knows how adorable  he really is !
Ace,is the super size pony  that is the boss of our pony crew, he keeps them all in line, and loves to have people pet him and admire his long blond eyelashes !
Lil Bit O Magic,is the smallest of our pony family, he only 34 inches and is our toddler -2 yr old riders age group.Magic also loves dressing up as a Unicorn and is used as a model for photo sessions and modeling jobs.
Miss Millie, is our lovable lady like pony.She loves getting dolled up in pretty colors and getting her mane and tail brushed out and  getting her hoofs polished.
Chips is the ultimate pony party pony ! This little polka dot cutie besides being a fun festive color he has a way of making everyone smile with his sweet interactive personality.
Buddy is our ''Teddy Bear '' pony! He is a party favorite, he  loves getting hugs and kids tell us he reminds them of Winnie the Poo !
Nike is our '' Designer Pony'', he sports  the Nike logo''swooch'' in his beautiful spotted pattern.Nike enjoys carrying first time riders, as his slow pace gives riders a good confidence ride.
Axel, is a stunning sleek jet black miniature horse that looks like mini version of the Black Stallion.Axel gently carries some of our smallest riders.
Stella is one of our larger ponies, she can carry older kids and even smaller adults, as seen here in the photo, she can be trusted with the tiny riders too.Stella loves carrots and will be your best friend  if she knows you have snacks with you.
C.Harley is 1 of bigger ponies, he attends almost all our events that has lots of kids of all ages riding.Harley loves his job and looks thru the kids pockets, peppermints are his favorite !
Magic is the fairytale pint size pony, ideal for our toddler riders
Honey is the Diva pony, she is very sweet and loves her photo taken, she is the boss lady of our crew
Honey is as sweet as her name, she fun to ride, and older kids and small adults can even ride  her.Honey is  Doll to work around and the ultimate Diva of the crew.
Ace, is the big guy that keeps all the ponies in line, he is big and strong , he is ideal for older kids.
Stella is the Queen, she is loved by everybody and is a party favorite ,she is so versatile, almost any size rider will feel comfy on her, 
Axel is a mini version of the Black Stallion, he is a little beauty and a favorite with smaller younger riders.
Buttons is our dancing pony, he loves to prance on all his rides, little show off !